At Carlise & Bray Enterprises, when it comes to customer service, we have a motto: “Whatever it takes.” It’s a principle that is deeply engrained in our culture by the entrepreneurial families – the Carlisles and the Brays – who started our three companies and still operate them.

When you make a phone call to one of our companies – whether it’s C&B Marine, CB Energy, or Score Global – you get a person, not a computerized voicemail system, on the other side of the conversation.  That person will either help you directly or direct you to another person within our organization who can.DSC_5028

When it comes to working on the inland waterway system — particularly in the Port of Cincinnati — no one knows the Ohio River like we do.  At C&B, our dispatchers work proactively to save our customers money by constantly communicating with all river-based entities.

At C&B Enterprises, we recognize that we must provide stellar service!  That’s why safety and communications are priorities.  We are committed to owning our customers’ concerns and their problems and working creatively to help solve them.

From our relationships with the local docks to all other towing companies, our customer service policy is the same: get them the needed information.  At C&B, this is accomplished with constant, accurate, and updated communications.

DSC_5011“As soon as we know that a barge is heading into our care and custody, we start the communications chain needed to ensure that each barge is moved as efficiently as possible,” said Vicky Schottelkotte, Dispatch & Logistics Manager at C&B. “This not only saves our customers barge days and money, but also works to establish a greater bond with our customer’s clients to ensure that their service levels are a priority when in the Cincinnati area.”

“This constant communications chain ensures that all parties involved with a barge have the proper information they need to load or unload this barge as timely as possible,” Schottelkotte said.

“Our whole goal is to minimize our customer’s barge days, safely and efficiently,” she said. “We believe that this is accomplished with great communications. As they say, ‘Time is money,’ and our focus is on our clients and making sure they don’t lose valuable barge days or money.”

At Carlisle & Bray Enterprises, our customer service is not just a cheap slogan, it is what we sets us apart from our competition. Whatever it takes!