At Carlisle & Bray, we extend our hearts and prayers to the many families and businesses who were adversely affected by recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

We also send best wishes to our fellow mariners working on the Inland and Gulf Intracostal Waterways in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama after the devastating impacts of these historic storms.

Harvey, which hit Texas on Aug. 25, and Irma, which hit Florida on Sept. 10, caused extensive damage to homes and business all along the Gulf Coast. Houston, one the United States’ business seaports, was hit particularly hard by Hurricane Harvey, causing historic flooding and a death toll that now exceeds 70 people.

In Houston, as rainwater continues to drain from the region, ports and waterways critical for our nation’s economy have started reopen and vessels are starting to move crude oil, petroleum products, and other commerce through the inland and intracostal waterways.

The long road to relief, recovery, and rebuilding is underway and we wish all of these communities and the people who live and work there the best as they continue their recovery from these natural disasters.